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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

HM Tech Resources

There are such a wide variety of resources available on the web today: lesson ideas, printable worksheets, online games even instructional videos. It's all out there at the click of a mouse, if... you have the time to wade thru the vast unknown and pick out that which is appropriate and relevant to your curriculum, your language arts program, your kids! Well let me help you pare it down a bit. I have 2 websites that I think are terrific resources and one that I put together (that I'm hoping you'll add to) that is specifically organized around Houghton Mifflin.

First let me narrow down our vast search of the internet for HM resources be saying this- if it's not interactive, it's not worth the time. For me a true technology resource takes advantage of the multimedia delivery of information to kids and to me as the teacher. So that is the one guideline I have. Let the searching begin.

I started of course with the HM website, which at the time was not all that great (though it has definitely improved) and didn't include a lot of K resources.
are the Games
and the classroom activities at Reading/Language Arts
are mostly geared for older grades

Internet for Classroom is a list of sites by grade level and standards that include "Month To Month Suggestions for Independent Computer Activites for Center Time"

Transforming Teaching Thru Technology has a Grade Level Resourceswhich includes an interactive sites for elementary kids page

HM Technology Resources
This site is in the process of gleaning all that the other sites offer and organizing it around HM Themes.

Computer Centers
Log on to furl to check out other websites I've bookmarked.

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