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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Change your email password

The IT dept. has asked that we change our email password ASAP. I believe in the future, passwords will expire and IT will be notifying you when you need to change them. You can change your password www.nmusd.us/changepassword or if your password has already expired or you forgot it you can call the help desk at x4357 (0ption 1).

IT suggests you make your password a phrase like "ihaveadream" but passwords may not be reused during the year. I suggest making it something you hear all the time on a monthly basis like your HM theme title (colorsallaround) or a seasonal phrase (happythanksgiving) If you have to write it down please don't leave near the computer. The best way to remember you password is to use it everyday by checking your email daily:) Thanks for your cooperation!


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