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Monday, October 17, 2005

K Assessments

Project Title
K Assessments

Teachers Names
Rebecca Olsen & Kristin Fredriksson

General Description of Product
To create a computerized version of our Kindergarten skills assessments that will eliminate ancillary components of the individual tests, i.e. rhyming cards, patterning, number secquencing, etc. Additionally, we hope to create games for student practice, in order to develop specific skills.

Project Purpose:
We will have more time to spend with students, individually and in groupings, to help improve skills and develop cognition in each of the skill areas.

Project Curricular Connection:
Our product will address all of the Kindergarten standards. Students will gain general knowledge and practice on keyboard, mouse manipulation, etc.

Project Support:
DVD’s or CD’s so that programs developed can be shared with all Kindergarten teachers on site.

Project Collaboration:
See above.

How will you collaborate as a team & what will each person’s role be.
Since we are working in a very small group, we will each take on a section of the Kindergarten skills to investigate and search for on-line resources and, ultimately, produce our program jointly.

The following are Kidspiration activities. Control Click to "Download Linked File". Before trying to open it, change the name of the document (by clicking on the document, then clicking on the name) and add .kia to the end of it.
1.1a Number Sense
1.1b Number Sense
1.2 Measurement and Geometry
1.2 Number Sequence
1.2 Statistics Patterning
1.3 Number Greater-less than
1.10 Reading-Rhymes
1.12 Reading-Tracking Words
1.13 Reading-Syllables
1.17 Reading-Picture Sorting
2.1 Geometric Shapes
2.1 Math Reasoning
2.2 Math Reasoning
2.2 Meas & Geo Comparing objects
3.2 Literary Response Print Materials
1.2 Statistics Patterning


Blogger Eva Wagner said...

Brilliant idea! Let's hammer out specifically which standards you want to make assessments for, which program(s) you will use and a format so they kinda look the same. Better to stick to 1 or 2 programs so the kids are tested on their knowledge of the content and not if they know the program. (Kidspiration is my favorite:) I have a few samples if you are interested. Also if you are up for it, I would love to get you guys using the ActiVotes. Let me know.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will do chicarita. We want to try to eliminate some of the many cumbersome testing tools and paper packet that we all test from. The goal is to make the individual tests more engaging and easier to administer.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kristin and I have decided to work on each item collaboratively so that everything has the same style, feel to it.
Number Sense
1.1 More/Less/Equal
1.2 Sequencing #s
1.3 Greater/Less than #s
2.1 Addition/Subtraction
Algebra & Functinos
1.1 Sorting, Compare Attributes
Measurement & Geometry
1.2 Concepts of time: AM/Aft./PM
Diff. Clock/Calendar
1.4 Time to Hour
2.1 2D shapes
2.2 Sort Pland/solid objects
1.1 Graphing
Mathematical Reasoning
1.1 Sets up
1.2 Models
2.1 Explains & Represents
2.2 Makes precise calculations (Shopping bag)
Concepts of Print
1.4 Sentences made of separate words
Phonemic Awareness
1.10 Rhyming
1.12 racks words in sentence
1.13 Syllables
1.16 _at Words
Vocabulary and Concept Development
1.17 Sorts word pictures

3:15 PM  
Blogger Eva Wagner said...

HOLY MOLY!!:) That's quite a list. Good for you guys. Have you decided what program(s) to use? And what the pacing plan will look like for getting these done? Let me know when you are ready for some ActiVote training:)

8:19 PM  

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