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Monday, October 17, 2005

Help Me to Learn & AR Programs

Project Title
Help Me to Learn & AR Programs

Teachers Names
Maggie Tool Terri Mayhugh Carol Gaylord/Lucia Vicente
Cici Ordaz Carly Larson Kelly Siegle
Suzanne Wolf

General Description of Product
Teachers want to familiarize themselves with Help Me to Learn & AR software to be able to comfortably implement with individual student with in class computers and to use with whole class in the Computer Lab setting.

Project Purpose:
AR—Increase student reading comprehension, by having students read at their individual level and progress at their own pace. Software will help to keep data on students attempts, and progress.
Help Me To Learn—Increase student decoding skills, by having students practice skill at their individual levels at their own pace. Software will keep data on student progress and give positive reinforcement.

Project Curricular Connection:
K-2 Reading & Language Arts standards.

Project Support:
1. Eva needs to train us on setting up Log In Screens for Help Me to Learn & AR with class lists.
2. Train group on log in and practicing using program.
3. Train group on setting up Computer Lab so we can bring class and use with our whole class.
4. Ask PFO to commit $ money to purchasing AR tests for common titles we all have in our class.

Project Collaboration:
We would be resources to the rest of the staff. Anecdotal sharing, printouts of student progress data, group created survey on comfort level using these programs and to see increased use.
Wednesday PLC days to collaborate and help. Maggie will be K & 2nd grade point person and Cici will be for 1st grade.

Steps for using Accelerated Readers>


Blogger Eva Wagner said...

Looks great! We are having some issues with HelpMe2Learn (networking) but you can still explore the program and get started on AR. Let me know what your next steps are for Oct, Nov, &Dec and who will be responsible for what.

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Success! We all were able to navigated through the management of AR and input our class lists, created a class list, and previewed a sample AR test.

Next steps, are for us to locate HM AR quizzes and install them. Then it would be possible to begin using AR with our classes, to reinforce HM program. Review the offerings of AR so we are informed on what is available to use.
Report generating to support collection of data.

Let us know when HelpMe2Learn is ready ... because we are ready! :-)

3:20 PM  
Blogger Eva Wagner said...

Wow! Great job everyone! Just to follow up... who will be installing the quizzes? (Will you need help?) And who will be presenting the "AR offerings"?
I plan to have AR ready for Kelly to experiment with by the end of next week. Then in 2 weeks you can come to the lab and enter your kids names. And in 3 weeks it should be in your classrooms. That's the plan anyway!
In the meantime, explore the program. You will want to know it before your kids start. Also there are binders available for checkout that have printouts of the screen shots (if you want to review it during commercials:0)

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even more success. The HM tests are installed. The goal is to have all teachers ready to use them at the end of our next PLC. Then by December we can collaborate on how we are using them, creating as a team a "presentation" for the other teachers. As to who? We are not sure yet, but maybe someone will jump up and be willing. =)

1:55 PM  

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