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Monday, October 17, 2005

HM PowerPoints

Project Title
HM Vocabulary Words with Clip Art (Theme 2)/Sound Spelling Cards

Teachers Names Deline, Lenhart. Rivadeneyra, Roberts

General Description of Product – Power Point: visual representation of vocabulary words (at least 5 per story)/photographed images with audio of Sound/Spelling cards

Project Purpose:
Will reach all visual and auditory modalities of learning.
Deeper understanding. More engaging.
Improved reading comprehension, writing, spelling)

Project Curricular Connection:
All language arts standards in HM theme 2. Use of computer, Internet and digital camera.

Project Support:
Google Search Engine for clip art.
Power Point.
New Epson printers for Lenhart and Roberts. Color ink cartridges for all.

Project Collaboration:
Put product on a CD.
Work in progress, CD, vocabulary cards on Focus Wall.

How will you collaborate as a team & what will each person’s role be. Brainstorming; working individually, with partners and as a group as needed.


Blogger Eva Wagner said...

This sounds exciting! Let's hammer out some of the details (pick the exact words you are going to do and the more general standards that this project would encorporate). You may want to explore Theme 2's powerpoint together while you are learning powerpoint, but what about the other themes. Do you want to do those as well. And I'm not sure what the printers have to do with PowerPoint. Please explain:)

6:11 PM  

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