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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tech Requests & Work Orders 07-08

Make a post here if you have technology problems in your room. Be sure to include your name, rm# and sn# of the computer that is not behaving.

Also post here if you have any technology requests (like another student station or a tripod, etc.) or if you have any technology you would like to give away, trade, etc.

To make a comment, just click on Other and enter your name. Then hit submit comment.
Remember this is public domain, and anyone can read your comment.

Happy Teching!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there! O.K. I'm ready for some help. I've tried and tried and I can't get my ActivBoard to work. I've tried wireless and hard-wired and no luck. I'm sure that I'm missing something important. It says that there are no devices to be found. I've been using the flipcharts with my computer doing the work. It's not quite the same of course. My brain is finally clear enough to address this!!

CC Ordaz Room 17

5:29 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Permission to TOE an old PC with an odd monitor that clicks and flashes images. Window 95 I believe. Formally office computer of Kathryn Hofer vintage. Susan Shaw

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need help finding and downloading the newest version of activstudio so I don't have the same problems I had on my personal computer. Also I need someone to help me find out how to get airport access to my laptop.

Terri Mayhugh Room 11 3/23/09

3:20 PM  

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