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Saturday, March 03, 2007

CUE 2007 Palm Springs

I am sure that everyone would agree with me that going to CUE as a tech team was an amazing experience! I hope that everyone will make sure to give a big thank you to Lauren for making it happen this year. There were many incredible people speaking at the conference, including Chris Walsh who did some amazing things with Google, Ted Lai ( I can't say enough about him and Podcasting), author/illustrator Peter Reynolds was inspiring and charismatic and our own Eva Wagner with her mom Deborah Ferguson! We had some great opportunities to connect with other leaders and learn about new cools tips and tricks.


Blogger Eva Wagner said...

Highlight of this year was "illustrating" a teacup with Peter Reynolds, author/illustrator of The Dot and Ish, who added watercolor to my "masterpiece". He is always inspiring creativity through his stories and his company . Check it out, he has some of his illustrated stories available (free):)

I survived giving 2 presentations, Lively Lessons for the 21st century and Tech TIPS (materials available at

I learned a lot of cool tricks. My favorite 2 are Option/Apple + for zooming and Option/Tab for switching applications
Some cool widgits to download are the 3-2-1 Timer Countdown

My favorite sessions were
Kathryn Odell who talked about free internet resources for the classroom, lots of things that will need to be put on the wikispace.
Hall Davidson showed us Cosmeo, a home version of united streaming that is a fundraiser. It costs $9 a month and your school recieves 15-25%.
And I really enjoyed seeing iWeb. I know we have other free tools that do a similar job, but I think teachers would use iWeb more. A .Mac account is $99 a year, you could have your parents pay $5 each (totally resonable) and have a very useable, private webpage/blog/multimedia production.

Some cool projects I would like to try are:
Making a riddle book about famous americans and have the person's portrait reveal a little at a time for each clue.
Podcasting my Back To School PPT
Using Excel to create pictographs and pop-up pictures

11:35 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Ordaz said...

The CUE conference was an absolutely amazing experience! All I could read for three days was the conference program guide! There were so many sessions offered at the same time that I had to number my choices and then try to decide from there! I went to every single session all three days without stopping for lunch. Thank you, Nancy for telling me to bring snacks. My first session was Eva’s outstanding presentation where she shared her amazing accomplishments in technology with kindergarten children. Her session was in one of the BIG rooms. We are sooooo lucky that she is our technology leader. I spoke with so many teachers from all over California who have little to no technology in their schools. My favorite sessions were with: Eva, of course, Hall Davidson (Discovery Educator Network) who is always fun to listen to, Peter Reynolds, author and illustrator and Nancy Jang’s favorite, Ted Lai (OCDE). Now I know why Nancy is so excited about podcasts. Her enthusiasm rubbed of onto me, so I attended four of five sessions that Ted Lai presented on podcasting! You’re right, Nancy, you do have to get into line very early to see him! I am going to continue developing my technology skills because I want to know how to help other teachers find their way. I am going to share what I learned about using Garageband, podcasting and where to find widgets on the net. The Option/Apple + for zooming in and out and the Option/Tab for switching applications are cool commands that I didn’t know about either. The best thing about going to CUE was seeing so many teachers at all stages of technology proficiency. Lastly, a huge thank you to Lauren for making this possible! We had the most representation in all of NMUSD!
CC Ordaz

1:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cue was a wonderful experiece. I enjoyed most of the sessions I went to, especially Chris Walsh and Peter Reynolds. I think the thing that I took away with me that I will use the most though was from a session on finding power points on the web, and downloading them to create your own. I also loved the OS X tips I learned, like using Spotlight, and the Opt. Apple + and - to zoom. It was also fun to learn how to change the size of your mouse (to make it easier for the students to see) and to change the keys to "sticky keys" for one handed typing! I am looking foward to hearing the CUE Tips podcast that goes over some of the keyboard short cuts and the OS X tips. I think that you can hear it already if you go to www.cue.org. (I would make that a link, but that is one of the things I haven't learned yet!) =)

10:07 PM  

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