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Sunday, October 01, 2006

October PLCs

For our 2 meetings in October please make sure that you not only cover all of the items listed under your project but also make sure everyone can do the following:
INTERNET (Mandatory Module)
To satisfy the Internet module, you will need to show that you can perform each of the following skills using Safari,
Internet Explorer, or Firefox.
 Launch a browser and use the tool bar
 Specify URLs
 Conduct basic searches
 Copy, paste and save from web pages
 Download files
 Set a homepage
 Maintain and organize Favorites/Bookmarks
 Refresh/reload pages
 Hide, display or configure toolbar
 Use and manage multiple windows
 Identify whether a source is credible
 Grab digital images from a webpage and insert into a document

I recommend using FireFox because it has an easy to use interface for blogging so you don't have to enter so much code.
For download files, please have everyone go to the district web builder Sign up and download the permission form to get a website. Fll this out. Please collect and put in my box by the second week of Oct so when our Nov.1 Staff Development Day arrives we all have websites.Thanks!

Bloggers you may want to use my Bloggin Tips Sheet


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You to Carmen! I really enjoyed working through the internet module.Thanks for your patience with us !!!!

5:52 PM  
Blogger clarson said...

Maggie, you qualify for Sainthood. I'm alerting my bud the Pope.

2:22 PM  

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