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Sunday, July 02, 2006


I came across these notes as I am cleaning house and have no idea what book they refer (but if I find out I'll post it), still it looks like a great book, so I thought I would post them. Especially since their is so much excitement about technology, its important to remember it is one tool among many that make great teaching. But the tool alone doesn't do that, it all in how you use it.

-Students learn from thinking about problems
-Problem solving is real-world learning (a problem is unkown and finding the unknown has value-that's human nature)
-Technology offers problem solving experience thru info searching, model tasks/context, decision making, and designing

HOW: Technology as...
1-support tools to represent ideas, or organize ideas
2-information vehicle
3-context (simulate real-world problems)
4-a social medium (collaborate, connect)
5-an intellectual partner by offering students the opportunity to reflect


Anonymous sap implementation methodology said...

Hehe, It's safe to say that modern technology is so sophisticated that it could solve almost each and every of our day to day small issues. Just give it a go ;)

9:43 AM  

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