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Monday, December 27, 2004

Optional Staff Development

Using Digital Media to Teach 21st Century Students
(tentatively scheduled for March- 3 2hr sessions)
Project Guidelines
Teachers will investigate/list visually supportive grade-level standards, gather multimedia data (streaming video, jpegs etc.), create presentation material and research/create interactive activities that enhance and support learning. Teachers will implement projects and collect student data. Teachers will publish project material so other teachers can have access to it as well.

CA Standards for Teaching Profession (TBD)

Training Outcomes:
Teachers will learn how to integrate technology (using iphoto, imovie, and iDVD) into instruction, creating both teacher presentations and student activities to support CA content area standards.

Impact on Student Learning
Students learning will be enhanced with increased motivation, interactive activities, and access to information that relies not on language but attends to multiple learning modalities.

Successful implementation of a digital media project will be shown through positive student/teacher evaluations and increased number of students who met the standards.


Blogger Sassy Teach said...

Can't wait to see ya there! Let me know what help you need.

10:07 PM  

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